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Power Station PS-300 with integrated sine wave inverter

119380 Ft
12 VDC output Max. output current: 10 A Max. time of operation at 10 A: 85 min. (with full battery) 230 VAC output Output voltage: 225 VAC (+5/-8%) 50 Hz Continuous output power: max. 300 VA (cos φ >0.8)

Magnetic Field Generator Multi PLUS

19658 Ft
Reduces limescale deposits in water pipes Pipework, pipework and automatic mode Manual or automatic frequency switching Extensive functional control by means of LED indicators Adjustable frequencies 1, 3, 5, 15 or ...

Professional Magnetic Field Generator PK-1

10414 Ft
Output frequency 500Hz, 1000Hz, 2000Hz Capacity 3m3/h Operating voltage 9V DC For single house and duplexes Selectable frequencies of 500, 1000 or 2000Hz Easy installation

Magnetic Field Generator Multi MK-1

16510 Ft
Power consumption 1,2W Outputfrequency 1000, 3000 oder 5000Hz No intrusion into the existing pipe system For households with a water consumption of up to 5m3/h Selectable frequencies of 1000, 3000 or 5000Hz

Speed regulator DR-2000

21590 Ft
For inductive and ohmic loads Adjustable output voltage of 10–230 V Phase angle control Soft start Robust housing Continuous power output: max. 2000 W Control range: 10–230 VAC Control: Phase angle control

Battery Activator, 12 V/24 V, 10-200 Ah

3430 Ft
Protects lead batteries against sulfation Removes already built sulfate layers Microprocessor-controlled LED indicator for function monitoring E-mark certification Overvoltage indicator and shut-off (at over 32 ...

Second battery charger 12 V, 80 A

10795 Ft
Suitable for all 12 V lead batteries E-mark certified For batteries up to 500 Ah Protects the starter battery of your vehicle Suitable for 12 V solar isle systems Charging managment between starter / main and ...

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